Empowering virtual with reality.

We are the holistic platform for digital product development based on patended high-end color and appearance management.
Targeted at apparel, footwear, fashion and lifestyle, to enable & scale digital raw-material, trims and color development workflows.

Saving time, effort and resources.


With the DMIx Cloud, we are changing the
world of designers, brands and producers for the better!

Your problem: “We usually need to make several attempts before the shade of color or the texture is finally right!”

Our solution: We decipher the DNA of a surface. Any surface!


Your problem: “Year after year we send a hundred thousand packages with samples to make progress with our product development!”

Our solution: We make your samples available in the Cloud – unadulterated and safe.


Your problem: “Every year we produce about one million meters of sample materials just for the sample production alone!”

Our solution: We transform visual values into an unlimited resource for production.


Full control: the winner in every process

Only with the DMIx Cloud can you encompass the entire area between inspiration and point-of-sale.

We combine the numerous advantages of a Cloud solution with the DMIx Cloud and turn it into a system that takes the communication between everyone involved in product development to a new level.

With the DMIX Cloud, you can optimize, simplify, and speed up the processes in your company, regardless of whether they concern quality, costs or just keeping things on schedule.

Archiving inspiration: resources for production

Visual product development data can only be used as an inexhaustible resource for production if it reflects reality and if it can be optimally archived and disseminated around the world, as is the case with the DMIx Cloud.

Well done: sustainable added value

We are all used to taking on huge feats. And we all have to get used to not being able to steamroll everything any longer while doing so. The DMIX Cloud makes the acclimatization period easier for us. Because we do not have to give up anything  – on the contrary.

Controller-friendly: lower costs plus increased productivity

Being one hundred percent sure that producers and clients are talking about exactly the same color used to require sending samples on long-haul flights, but now it is just a few mouse clicks away.There can be only one explanation when everyone in Europe and Asia know they are  talking about absolutely the exact same color: the DMIx Cloud must be involved!

In-depth discovery of the DNA of colors

When we say that we decipher the DNA of colors, we are not referring to deoxyribonucleic acid. We have found that no one else has used the full potential of technology as consistently as we have in order to explore the characteristics of color.

It gets even better: growing opportunities

The DMIx Cloud may already be a full-fledged game changer, but it is still full of dynamic. It is not hardware that already starts getting old the day it is put on the market, but rather it is an SaaS that grows with your work – so give it some!