Archiving inspiration: resources for production

Visual product development data can only be used as an inexhaustible resource for production if it reflects reality and if it can be optimally archived and disseminated around the world, as is the case with the DMIx Cloud.

If you want to know whether the newly designed sofa looks better if you upholster it with green plaid like you did with an armchair two years ago and you want the answer at the touch of the button as well, then you will get what you are looking for with the DMIx Cloud! And yet it would be foolish to have all the energy that you put into the development of a surface’s optics go to waste. 

Creative people cannot really relate to the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and they tend to work more with everything that they ever laid eyes on. That explains why we are all constantly surfing on retro waves! 

The DMIx Cloud is unlike any other tool and is suitable for creative people to transform inspirations into long-lasting values. And by the way: archives only got dusty before they were digitalized. With the DMIX Cloud, realistic three-dimensional animations of the treasures sitting in the archive can be realized really easily – without specially trained staff or expensive software. The DMIx Cloud reduces the need for numerous samples and expensive prototypes significantly with its excellent digital 3D visualization capability.