Real digital: DMIx product development

Only with the DMIx Cloud can you encompass the entire area between inspiration and point-of-sale.

The DMIx Cloud's wide range of applications includes the color source,  its specifications and standardization, lab dipping, the generation of samples and structures, visualization using 3D simulations, product images, and the finished materials and textures.

The DMIx Cloud from ColorDigital was developed in collaboration with the German Fashion Institute (DMI) and Telekom, and it is currently establishing itself globally as a secure and standardized environment for designers and suppliers, where product communication about color and surface appearance is possible with a currently one-of-a-kind density of information.

The DMIx Cloud stands for the “real” in the digital world. It works by recording every physical characteristic of a product as best as possible using a spectral basis and this information is transferred to the DMIx Cloud without any loss of information. Because only then can every shade and every surface structure be perceived in its unadulterated form without any influence from external conditions.