Cloud and clear: Communication 4.0

We combine the numerous advantages of a Cloud solution with the DMIx Cloud and turn it into a system which takes the communication between everyone involved in product development to a new level.

Communication means sharing – world views, emotions, inspirations as well as specific handling instructions and the famous “facts, facts, facts”. This is done by using words as well as images, animations, films and much more. For good reason, the cloud was selected as the symbol of a communication solution striving for perfection that floats between the spirituality of the heavens and the reliability of the earth without any limitations. 

Or to put it differently: What solution would you select for the faultless and swift exchange of information since the phrase “without an alternative” has finally become justified with the invention of Cloud technology? 

There is nowhere better or faster way for all of those involved to communicate with each other about the perfect sample than the DMIx Cloud; there is nowhere you can manage digitalized colors in a more efficient way; there is nowhere where they can be processed more productively; and there is nowhere better to share information with producers and customers. Other than the DMIx Cloud, there is nowhere else can you test out the latest trends at short term notice and see their impact.