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The DMIx Cloud

You are the verge of a discovery. The DMIx Cloud opens up new pathways for color and surface communication. Pathways that lead to your goal.

Pathways that only are feasible with the DMIx Cloud.

Our job is to use the DMIx Cloud to ensure that you get the exact results you were expecting for your creative process and that you get it better, quicker, cheaper and with less stress than ever before.

How do we do it?

By utilizing all of the opportunities that the latest technology gives us in an optimum way! We record the color and structural information of surfaces on a spectral basis with such high quality that the appearance of an object is retained during the transition from reality to virtual reality.


It does not matter whether you want to create colors and structures or whether you just want to preserve suggestions. With the DMIx Cloud, we ensure that your source of inspiration will definitely become an inexhaustible resource. We make them available in the DMIx Cloud in a secure, unadulterated and reproducible manner for everyone involved in the creative process. 


And even more takes place in the DMIx Cloud. The surface structures recorded with the DMIx ReColor function can be visualized in any desired shade of color with three dimensional animation just by clicking on a button. Small design samples and sketches finally do not need to be used as the basis for making decisions about the development of your collections. And to be honest, they were not a real basis for making a decision in the first place because they always left behind room for interpretation and uncertainty.


Communication is not a matter of luck and digitalization is more than just ones and zeros  – we prove it with the DMIx Cloud! 

What do you need? 

You do not need anything other than the desire to question using the old samples method in every respect! The DMIx Cloud is scalable software as a service (SaaS). So you can get going at any time  –  with maximum security but without having to invest in new hardware. Just ask us. Regardless of how your product development has been organized up until now, we will take care of modifying all interfaces and securing a smooth transition into the DMIx age according to your ideas.


You can get a first impression of the DMIx Cloud’s capability in our videos.


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