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We are something new.


We are the holistic single source of truth for digital product development, product sourcing and sales workflows including relevant content in between the different processes of the supply chains.


We enable platform based, standardized and systematic organization between brands and suppliers and within organizations itself.


We enable cross teams design developments for colors, materials and products connected with all necessary resources on an industrial level.


Based on digital appearance, physical measurements and technical data we enable our users to create and share digital twins of their products.


DMIx Cloud is a Software as a service (SaaS) solution to connect all necessary means for a preferably digital workflow.

Our main assets are:



Color and color management is the backbone of DMIx. We can handle color on an industrial approved level, ready to be used in the certified processes of global dyeing mills and industrial printers. We allow precise color sourcing, cross referencing, archiving and approval based on digital visual refences and technical data.



The DMIx 3D Library and the included tools offer a wide range of possibilities to scan, adjust and share PBR based digital materials with a wide range of applications and between suppliers and brands. The included high end render service generates those photo quality images of your materials or created scenes with ease.



Another challenge solved! The DMIx 3D Library allows uploading even complex objects. By using highest standards and a fully integrated workflow, we put you in control about the scale, mapping, and orientation of your products. This ensures consistent results in your own projects or after sharing with your client.


Being virtual means unlimited possibilities and variances. With compositions we bring together all assets of DMIx - combining for that full experience of your products. With composition you can assemble your products by combining multiple materials, objects and regions. With the DMIx Showroom they can be presented and altered on the fly during that important sales presentation.



The technical data which is important for product decision needs to be as up to date and accessible as possible. It is needed to specify search criterias and it needs to be transferred easily from one ERP/PLM system via the DMIx Cloud to another. With DMIx PaX we created a real time Autobahn for your data – either directly connected to your PLM or even used as one.