It gets even better growing opportunities

The DMIx Cloud may already be a full-fledged game changer, but it is still full of dynamic. It is not hardware that already starts getting old the day it is put on the market, but rather it is an SaaS that grows with your work – so give it some!

At Color Digital, developing solutions is our passion. With the DMIx Cloud, we can eliminate the sources of error in color and surface communications and can increase the performance of everyone involved in the project. 

Almost all of the solutions are based on the experience of designers, product developers and producers. By nature, the development of the DMIx Cloud is a process that is still in progress. Because there will be new experiences and new demands tomorrow. 

Currently the DMIx Cloud, with its range of features, is already the best possible response to the challenges in color and surface communication. We are working on ensuring that it always remains the best solution!