lower costs plus increased productivity

Being one hundred percent sure that producers and clients are talking about exactly the same color used to require sending samples on long-haul flights, but now it is just a few mouse clicks away.There can be only one explanation when everyone in Europe and Asia know they are  talking about absolutely the exact same color: the DMIx Cloud must be involved!

If you don’t have to take a flight to communicate with your business partners, then your color samples definitely shouldn’t have to either. The DMIx Cloud makes high shipping costs, the costs for lab dips,  cumbersome prototypes, and time-consuming consultation sessions between the parties involved unnecessary. 

Moreover, the DMIx Cloud can be set up for any requirements in a tailor-made and cost-efficient way thanks to its scalable and modular design. Reducing costs through efficiency also leads to more time being available. Maybe you have already heard the saying: “time is money!”


You may not be able to save time for a rainy day like you can money, but you can reinvest it in improving your quality of life or in increasing your productivity considerably. In the best scenario, both!