Let’s do it digital


In these strange days we want to open an easy and fast channel to get your material digitalized and shared with your clients. Therefore we created a taskforce here in cologne that will scan materials and make them ready to be used in virtualization of garments and lifestyle products.

We are offering two ways to  process your material:

  1. DMIx Scan: A scan of the material on color managed flatbed scanner. The aquired image will run through an AI based process generating the additional maps needed for a PBR texture. (Color, Normal, Specular, Glossyness)

  2. DMIx HighEnd - TAC Scan: Based on X-Rite's "Total Appearance Capture (TAC)" system we can offer the highest quality of material scans available in the market. Especially for complex surfaces this is a good possibility. You can download several texture maps or map combinations and the original AxF file.

Once  you bought a scan and we received the article our team will do anything to deliver the results as soon as possible via our DMIx Cloud solution. Not only back to you, but also directly to participating brands.


Please make sure we receive samples that have no damages or sharp bends - this will delay the process! Klick on the picture to see example!

Please send us a minimum size of A4 (21 x 29 cm)

Please make sure you read the limitations and procedure before you buy and send the materials.

Please be aware that we work on a "first come - first served" basis. If a material delivers insufficient results we will contact you and discuss how to proceeed or refund your order.

You DMIx Team