Have you ever made a mistake about a shade? Or maybe two? First when selecting the shade of color of the product you produced and then during your quarrel with your client about whose fault it was about the color being wrong. Well, it happens. Or better said, it used to happen. Because with the DMIx Cloud, these kinds of problems are a thing of the past. 

The DMIx Cloud ensures that the products you produce have exactly the right shade of color that your client expects. The applications match the color of the fabric as intended and the wood grain corresponds with the design of the body in exactly the way the designers and product developers specified. 

Contact us and experience for yourself how the employees in your complaints department will soon be free to take on new tasks, thanks to our DMIx Cloud You will no longer be left with incorrectly produced goods, you will survive every delivery deadline, and you will win over the trust of your clients, which as experience shows, simplifies the collaboration tremendously. Does this sound too good to be true? That is what people thought, too, when they heard about the possibilities that smart phones provided, too...