Well done: sustainable added value

We are all used to taking on huge feats. And we all have to get used to not being able to steamroll everything any longer while doing so. The DMIX Cloud makes the acclimatization period easier for us. Because we do not have to give up anything  – on the contrary.

In the world of designers, product developers and producers, taking on huge feats means sending people and materials down a long road, where more than just a few end up on a dead-end road. Taking on a huge feat makes for an immense amount of waste and it consumes a large amount of non-renewable energy. Every lab dip needs water and requires the use of chemicals; each and every sample that is sent results in a considerable carbon footprint. In short, both the production and shipping of samples is harmful to the environment and they use up resources on all levels.

Of course, a Cloud also needs more than air to really take off. Server farms are increasingly being developed into a meaningful factor for the energy industry, and for this reason, their operators are also simultaneously the drivers of innovation when it comes to the development of renewable energy sources. As the developer of the DMIx Cloud, we at ColorDigital are keeping a close eye on this as well as on everything that is pertinent to the sustainability of our activities. 

Today the DMIx Cloud is not only already increasing the efficiency of all product development steps – which is synonymous with less waste and squandering of energy –, it also creates long-lasting value with its continually growing archive, since it can be reproduced in an optimum way.